Friday, 21 July 2017

Gary Illyes Favorite Google Offices: Zurich, Tel Aviv & Tokyo

Gary Illyes, one of our favorite Googlers, has revealed on Twitter which are his favorite Google offices. If you know Gary, he travels a lot for both business and pleasure – both on land, in sea (scuba diving) and also in the air (sky diving) – so he gets around to say the least.

He was asked where are his favorite Google campuses. He said:

  • Google Zurich, Switzerland
  • Google Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Google Tokyo, Japan

He said there are no other Google offices that come close to these three.

I’ve only been to the Tel Aviv office of those three and I don’t believe it is all that more impressive than the New York office or main HQ in Mountain View. I’ve seen pictures of the Zurich office, that looks pretty amazing.

I suspect Gary is taking into account the culture in those cities and the people in those offices, not just how many toys the Google campus has on site. I do know the Search Console team is based in the Tel Aviv office, so that is a plus for that city.

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