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New Year's Day 2017 Google Doodle

New Years Day 2017 Google Doodle

Happy New Years everyone! Here is the Google Doodle, their special logo, for New Year’s Day 2017.

Google wrote on their doodle post:

Cheers to a new year! As 2017 makes its debut, we celebrate new beginnings and set our resolutions. Here’s to another year of exploring, learning, and growing!

For those celebrating New Years eve right now – be safe and have fun. To those waking up right now, happy and successful 2017!

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Author: (Barry Schwartz)

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6 New Year’s Resolutions for the Modern Day Marketer by @seocompanymiami

Most people make resolutions at the turn of the year—lose the weight, eat better, work on relationships with friends and family, etc. But how many people think about creating resolutions for their business? The New Year is a great time to improve yourself both personally and professionally, break out of your comfort zone, experiment with new ideas, and take on new challenges. Here is a list of New Year’s resolutions that could help enhance your business in 2017.

Resolution 1: Consider Updating Your Look

The New Year is often a great time to try out a new haircut or wardrobe, so why not consider updating your business’s look as well? This doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul (in fact, we don’t recommend changing everything about your brand). Instead, think of a few simple updates you could incorporate to give your company a fresh and perhaps more functional style. This could be anything from revamping your home page to better optimize your mobile presence to adding a new feature to your blog. Think about what would benefit your business the most and then start there. Small and simple is key—no need to make a lot of major changes that might scare consumers away. Just show them you’re embracing the New Year and looking for ways to continue to improve your business.

Resolution 2: Collaborate With Sales

2017 is a great time to resolve to coordinate your marketing and sales teams so they’re not operating completely independently from one another. The Act-On blog suggests scheduling regular meetings between the two groups, creating a survey asking both sides to measure the other’s effectiveness, and planning out a comprehensive audit. Once both groups are on the same page about where they need to go, consider getting them together to brainstorm and then form a plan to best drive sales. As they say, two heads are better than one, and the input of two teams could be immeasurably valuable. You can learn more about how these departments can work together here.

6 New Year's Resolutions for the Modern Day Marketer | SEJResolution 3: Up Your Blog Posting Game

Quality content has a major impact on SEO, so focusing on the quality of your blog posts is a great resolution for 2017. Review your analytics data and try to determine the type of content that has the most positive effect on revenue for your business. Look at various promotion channels, keyword rankings, etc. and try to put together a solid content strategy.

Specifically, in terms of blog posting, it’s always a good idea to post often, but make sure you’re posting quality content. Your posts should be “meaty”, or full of substance. There’s a time for short and sweet posts, but those aren’t usually the ones that get shared all over social media. Don’t wait until the last minute to come up with ideas as, most likely, they’ll end up lacking. Finally, don’t forget to promote your posts all over your various social media channels. Need an example? Check out this post by QuickSprout designed to help others learn from the author’s big mistake.

Resolution 4: Make Data Your Friend

While it may be tempting to jump from one new analytics tool to the next, consider finding one you like, sticking with it, and really learning its ins and outs. Too many business owners don’t take the time to truly learn how to use analytics, so they miss out on a lot of potential opportunities. Numbers don’t lie, and they can give you an incredible amount of insight into your company’s successes and failures. They can also save you a lot of wasted time and money spent on campaigns and strategies that just aren’t delivering.

Keep in mind, you should be looking to metrics before creating content to find out exactly what type gets the best results and/or attracts the most amount of people. Data can teach you everything you need to know about your buyers and their interactions, and it can help you make informed, data-driven decisions. Consider adopting CRM and marketing automation, just make sure you learn how to use it so its potential isn’t wasted.

Resolution 5: Get MORE Social

Social media empowers you and your team to share your content, knowledge, and expertise with millions of people from all over the world.” The more you connect with others, the greater the potential for your business. So if you’re not already using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Instagram, your first step is to pick a couple of those platforms and start posting. However, for most of us, if you’re already pretty social, it’s time to start evaluating the relationships you have with your followers. While having a huge audience probably makes you feel pretty good, if you’re not engaging with them, most likely you’re leaving them feeling a little empty.

Try to make real connections with your followers by posting more mindful content, asking for feedback, and going Live, among other options. Listen to what they have to say then incorporate solutions and topics into your social realm. In addition, consider adding social media advertising to your marketing strategy. This is a proven strategy that results in more traffic to your site, higher conversions, and improved brand loyalty. Who doesn’t want to take advantage of that?

Resolution 6: Give Back

There’s never a bad time to give back to the community and, while Giving Tuesday is often a popular day to do it, starting a new year with a new charitable campaign sounds like a pretty good idea as well. Many businesses use the holidays to amp up their marketing and make as much money as they can. While we appreciate a good business strategy, it’s refreshing when a company goes out of their way to give back as well. Think about a charity that’s meaningful to you and that is also somehow related to your business and/or product(s). Come up with a goal and a time frame, and start advertising. Consumers are generally in the giving mood during the holidays, so not only should they respond positively to your act of goodwill, most likely they’ll thank you with increased traffic to your site and additional conversions. Plus, you can feel good that you’ve done something positive to help others.

6 New Year's Resolutions for the Modern Day Marketer | SEJ

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Friday, 30 December 2016

Daily Search Forum Recap: December 30, 2016

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SearchCap: Happy New Year’s, Santa tracker & Google’s new recipe results


Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

Recent Headlines From Marketing Land, Our Sister Site Dedicated To Internet Marketing:

Search News From Around The Web:


Local & Maps

Link Building



SEM / Paid Search

Search Marketing

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Author: Barry Schwartz

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Marketing Day: US ad spend, Periscope 360 & 2017

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.

From Marketing Land:

Online Marketing News From Around The Web:


Business Issues

Content Marketing

Copywriting, Design & Usability

Display & Contextual Advertising



Email Marketing

General Internet Marketing

Mobile/Local Marketing

Social Media


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Author: Barry Schwartz

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From emotional analytics to Trump’s tweeting habits: Marketing Land’s most engaging stories of 2016


Well, dear readers, we are mere hours away from officially making it through one of the more… unforgettable… years in recent memory. You sure were an interesting one, 2016, weren’t you? Sometimes in a good way. Sometimes in a *headdesk* way. And I’m not just referring to politics or pop culture. General ???-ness found its way into the online marketing industry, as well — as evidenced by some of our top content over the last 12 months.

Of course, it wasn’t all strange. Our tried-and-true MarTech Landscape, updated in March, blew minds all around and generated by far the most retweets, replies, favorites and clicks. Product announcements and redesigns were shared far and wide. Still, when one of the most major social networks has to own up to repeated miscalculations, and the tweeting habits of a presidential nominee turn hundreds of heads, you have to say to yourself… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

We tallied likes, favorites, shares, clicks, retweets and everything in between to come up with the list below. In continuing coverage of our most popular stories of 2016, may I present to you: The most engaging stories across Marketing Land’s Twitter and Facebook communities.

(Interesting thing to bear in mind: There was barely any content overlap between the two social communities. Different strokes for different folks!)

Marketing Land’s Most Social Tweets Of 2016

1. Infographic: The 2016 Marketing Technology Landscape — by Marketing Land, March 21 (This story has since been ported over to our new sister site,

2. Google launches its Analytics 360 Suite to provide better marketing measurement tools for “micro-moments” — by Barry Levine, March 15

3. Facebook Audience Network partners with third-party mediation platforms, including Twitter’s MoPub — by Ginny Marvin, March 24

4. Trump Mostly Tweeting From An iPhone 2 Weeks After Apple Boycott Call — by Tim Peterson, March 4

5. Report: Europe readying “record-breaking” $3.4 billion antitrust fine against Google — by Greg Sterling, May 16

6. Snapchat redesigns Discover tab to grab more attention for publishers — by Tim Peterson, June 7

7. Google Analytics App now offers Google Now-like automated insights — by Ginny Marvin, September 2

8. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Reassures #RIPTwitter Worries: Live Timeline Will Remain — by Danny Sullivan, February 6

9. Inside Twitter’s video showcase at Tastemade’s Los Angeles studio — by Tim Peterson, May 13

10. Content about content is king: 2016’s most popular columns on the topic — by Pamela Parker, December 27

Honorable Mention

FAQ: Everything Facebook has admitted about its measurement errors — by Tim Peterson, December 16

Facebook’s errors with metrics and reporting were as numerous as they were frustrating…

Speaking of which — on to Facebook!

Marketing Land’s Most Social Facebook Posts Of 2016

1. Google launches its Analytics 360 Suite to provide better marketing measurement tools for “micro-moments” — by Barry Levine, March 15

2. Google Analytics’ new User Explorer report shows individual, anonymized website interactions — by Matt McGee, April 13

3. Marketers, Welcome To The World Of Emotional Analytics — by Barry Levine, January 12 (This story has since been ported over to our new sister site,

4. Prime Air: Amazon confirms that it’s launching its own air cargo service — by Matt McGee, August 5

5. 6 custom Google Analytics reports you should use for every CRO project — by Jeremy Smith, July 7

6. Google (finally) launches cross-device retargeting — by Ginny Marvin, September 26

7. Google Home demo video which makes it look pretty awesome #io16 — by Danny Sullivan, May 18 (Not a story, but a video demo natively shared on Facebook)

8. Google Launches Autotrack To Help Sites Get More Out Of Universal Analytics — by Ginny Marvin, February 23

9. Google Files Patent To Replace Social Media Marketers — by Tamar Weinberg, January 20

10. WordPress releases plugin to support Facebook Instant Articles — by Tamar Weinberg, March 7

See ya in 2017, friends!

Methodology: Top tweets were identified by native Twitter analytics. Top Facebook posts were identified using Simply Measured analytics. 

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Author: Lauren Donovan

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A year in review: Search Engine Land’s top 10 columns of 2016


Expanded text ads. Mobile-first index. Accelerated Mobile Pages. Possum. These are just a few of the many words and phrases we search marketers became intimately familiar with over the course of the past year.

Both within the search industry and outside of it, 2016 was a year marked by change — and no change got more attention from our columnists than Google’s decision to eliminate the right rail ads from its desktop search results. Readers were clearly eager to learn as much as possible about how these changes would impact their campaigns, as two of our top 10 columns were focused on this topic.

The local search community also dealt with some major changes, as the Possum update caused a huge shake-up within local search results. Local search expert Joy Hawkins wrote the definitive article on this unannounced Google update, which impacted up to 64 percent of local SERPs. Her excellent coverage of this development earned her the top spot in 2016.

After the emotional roller coaster that was 2016, many people are ready for this year to be over. But for those of you brave enough to want to relive it, here are Search Engine Land’s top 10 columns of the year:

  1. Everything you need to know about Google’s ‘Possum’ algorithm update by Joy Hawkins, published on 9/21/2016
    Social activity: Facebook 2,931, Google+ 492, LinkedIn 1798
  2. 7 essential Google Analytics reports every marketer must know by Khalid Saleh, published on 5/30/2016
    Social activity: Facebook 1,727, Google+ 0, LinkedIn 2863
  3. How To Get Started With Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) by Paul Shapiro, published on 2/24/2016
    Social activity: Facebook 632, Google+ 194, LinkedIn 524
  4. Top 9 reasons Google suspends local listings by Joy Hawkins, published on 4/21/2016
    Social activity: Facebook 855, Google+ 0, LinkedIn 794
  5. How To Localize Google Search Results by Clay Cazier, published on 1/13/2016
    Social activity: Facebook 622, Google+ 0, LinkedIn 393
  6. Google’s New SERP Layout: The Biggest Winners & Losers by Larry Kim, published on 2/24/2016
    Social activity: Facebook 751, Google+ 196, LinkedIn 1234
  7. Infographic: 11 amazing hacks that will boost your organic click-through rates by Larry Kim, published on 10/5/2016
    Social activity: Facebook 1086, Google+ 0, LinkedIn 821
  8. Test Your Knowledge Of SEO by Eric Enge, published on 1/5/2016
    Social activity: Facebook 900, Google+ 189, LinkedIn 594
  9. HTTP to HTTPS: An SEO’s guide to securing a website by Patrick Stox, published on 4/14/2016
    Social activity: Facebook 962, Google+ 219, LinkedIn 619
  10. Google’s Take On The Recent Changes To The Results Page by Matt Lawson, published on 3/2/2016
    Social activity: Facebook 627, Google+ 168, LinkedIn 944

Methodology: Columns published in 2016 are ranked in order of page views measured by Google Analytics. Data includes all columns published through November 30, 2016. Social data provided by SharedCount.

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Author: Jessica Thompson

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A big year for marketing technology: Our top columns of 2016

mtt_yir_1920x1080Those working in the field of digital marketing have been utilizing marketing technology (martech) in some way since the dawn of the industry. As the field grows larger and more complex, technology solutions have been necessary in order to organize and make sense of the ever-growing amount of data at our fingertips.

Yet, in many ways, martech is still in its infancy. This past year saw an explosion of marketing technology solutions as Scott Brinker expanded his popular Marketing Technology Landscape infographic to include nearly 3,500 companies, up from ~2000 last year and ~1000 in 2014. This surge of martech — and the resulting interest from the digital marketing community — is part of what inspired us to launch this very site earlier this year.

Our talented columnists here on MarTech Today are boldly exploring this new frontier and imparting their knowledge and wisdom upon the rest of us. From making predictions about what the near-future holds to sharing advice on how best to utilize existing tools, these savvy marketers are illuminating all the ways in which technology can be harnessed to achieve our marketing goals.

Following are the top ten columns of the year on MarTech Today.

[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Author: Jessica Thompson

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