Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Google Doesn’t Forget, They Have Lots Of Storage

Google’s John Mueller responded on Twitter about if Google forgets about links over time, in which he responded “we have a lot of storage.” That, to me, clearly means no. Google has said in the past that Google algorithms don’t forget – here is John Mueller telling that to a webmaster yet another way.

Does Google forget about your old spammy links? Nope – they store that for a long long time according to this tweet.

Here is it:

Scary response, don’t you think?

But of course, even if Google might not forget, they still may forgive – right? At least that has been Google’s message with Penguin going real-time, disavow links tool, nofollow attribute, reconsideration requests and more.

So while Google doesn’t forget – it seems they do forgive.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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Author: (Barry Schwartz)

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