Thursday, 11 May 2017

Google Maps Ads Are Popping Up Now?

Joy Hawkins, one of the niche local SEOs in our field, posted on Twitter that she saw on Google Maps that Google automatically popped up an ad on the map for a local result. I’d often just say, hey this person likely clicked on the ad, that is why it is showing, but Joy has been doing local SEO for a long time, so I doubt it was a mistake.

She said “ever seen ads just pop up on the map while browsing before?” No, I have not. It is un-Googley to pop up ads as you use Google Maps but who knows, Google can be testing this. Personally, I was unable to replicate it but here is Joy’s screen shot:

click for full size

Is it possible she accidentally clicked on the ad? Sure. I mean, it is showing as selected in the left side bar. But Joy is saying the ad selected itself. Which again, is possible but I find to be not the Google way…

Have you seen this?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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