Monday, 1 May 2017

Google Testing Jobs Portal In Web Search

Dan Shure spotted late on Friday a Google search tests where Google was showing jobs, like Google’s own job search portal. Dan posted many many screen shots on Twitter and I immediately covered it on Search Engine Land.

Google then sent us this statement:

While we don’t have any news to announce at this time, we’re always looking for new ways to improve the Search experience for our users, whether they’re looking for movies to see, recipes to make, or job opportunities.

Google does have this Google Hire portal that is locked down. Is it related, maybe?

Let me share Dan’s screen shots:

Query: [jobs online] click for full size

It can go by industry as well:

click for full size

Or by locale:

click for full size

When you click in to view more you get a Google Local like interface:

click for full size

I bet job search portals are a bit nervous right now…

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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Author: (Barry Schwartz)

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