Monday, 12 June 2017

Gboard for Android Gets New Search Features by @MattGSouthern

Gboard for Android, Google’s alternative keyboard, has received an update which comes with new search features.

When conducting a search after tapping on the ‘G’ button, Gboard will now display multiple results that can be browsed through in a carousel-like format.

There are also new icons included within the search cards in Gboard search results. The new icons can be used to visit the location on Google Maps, call the business, or watch a YouTube video published by the business.

Emoji search results have received an overhaul as well. If you don’t want to browse through multiple screens of emoji to find the one you’re looking for, there is now an option to draw the emoji and Gboard will display matching suggestions.

A non search-related feature has also been added. Gboard finally has the ability to offer phrase suggestions, predicting what you may want to type next based on the text you have already entered.

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Author: Matt Southern

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