Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Google: We Are Rewriting Our Page Speed Algorithm For Mobile

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One of the more confusing things around the mobile first index is will page speed be a factor or not when it launches. Google has said no, it won’t be and then they said yes it will be.

It seems like Google is reworking how their measure page speed. Right now, as we have reported numerous times, page speed is measured of desktop speed and not mobile.

Google’s Gary Illyes said they are reworking the algorithm to look at mobile page speed, because mobile page speed is what is important. Desktop page speed is way less important than mobile page speed he said.

Gary went on to explain that Google will be “loud” about mobile page speed before the mobile-first index launch in 2018. So we will be well-prepared for this new mobile page speed score when it comes out.

None of this is really new, Google has implied since before the mobile-first index that page speed needs to measure mobile page speed and not desktop. So Google is indeed working on this.

Here are tweets from the session:

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