Friday, 9 June 2017

Microsoft is Paying People to Use its Bing Search Engine by @MattGSouthern

In an effort to get more people to use its Bing search engine, Microsoft is offering monetary incentives via a program called Microsoft Rewards.

This “loyalty scheme” has been launched in the UK, but could potentially make its way to the US if it proves to be successful.

Microsoft Rewards gives people points for searching with Bing, which can be redeemed for items in the Microsoft Store. Points can also be earned for taking quizzes, entering competitions, and completing challenges.

Here’s How Microsoft Rewards Works

All Bing users start out at Level 1, and can rank up to Level 2 by collecting 500 points in a single month. Level 2 opens up exclusive offers, and also allows users to earn more points per day.

All members earn 3 points per Bing search. Level 1 members can earn a maximum of 30 points per day, while Level 2 members can earn a maximum of 150 points per day. Both levels earn 30 points for completing quizzes.

See the image below for a few examples of how many points are needed for a variety of physical and digital items.

Kevin Stagg, Head of Consumer Marketing at Microsoft, said:

“Unlike other reward schemes, where you have to spend money to get points, all you have to do with ours is run your searches through Bing and points will automatically register in your account as long as you’re logged in.”

Users can sign up for a Rewards account at Microsoft Rewards is currently available in the UK, with rollouts in France, Germany, and Canada planned for the near future.

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Author: Matt Southern

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