Tuesday, 13 June 2017

NetLine brings company-targeting to its self-service content marketing portal

In the mid-90s, Los Gatos, California-based NetLine began offering a managed services distribution of B2B content like white papers to websites, blogs, RSS feeds and newsletters.

That service allowed enterprise marketers to target either individual companies or types of users, such as IT management at companies larger than 500 employees in the US and the UK.

Marketers only paid for leads when they matched their targets, either individual companies or types of users. Publishers that made the content available received a piece of the lead gen fee.

In the managed services offering, content is targeted at users either by comparing visitors’ IP address to known companies or by the email address and other info in the online form visitors filled out before downloading the content. Publishers can also help visitors to self-select themselves by creating surrounding content, such as a blog post pointing out that this downloadable white paper is designed for enterprise IT users.

About a year ago, NetLine opened a self-service Portal, so that B2B marketers could upload a white paper themselves and select their targets at much lower fees and without contracts.

Through the self-service portal, they could only target by job level, company size, job area, industry and geographic region, after the visitor filled out a form. Leads matching those criteria were the ones the marketers paid for.

This week, NetLine is taking the next step for its self-service content marketing portal.

[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Author: Barry Levine

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