Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Google: Make Your Mobile & Desktop Pages Equivalent

So after Google suggested you should do your m-dot migration to responsive before the mobile first index, SEOs had some questions. They wanted more information on when this mobile-first index was launching because it is a big job to do this m-dot transfers.

John said on Twitter, no timeline but you should do the migration anyway. Why? John said “the mobile pages should be fully equivalent in content & functionality regardless of indexing.” Adding that if that is not the case now, then you will be fixing something. “Why wait to fix that,” he added.

Well, some people would not call that a “fix” but less and more focused content and features on mobile is designed for better user experience.

SEOs also blasted back that while moving one site from m-dot to responsive is technically easy but massive enterprises that have 350 CMSs all with their won quirks, that is not easy. So prioritizing here is important and timelines are also important.

Here are some of those tweets:

Fair point.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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